Welcome to Trundley

Trundley Group are a well-established and successful group of companies offering a plethora of services including architectural design, project management, and construction covering residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Using their wealth of experience and knowledge, and a commitment to excellence, the company has developed a strong reputation and track record for delivering a diverse range of projects throughout Eastern England, London, the Midlands, and the North.

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Architectural Design

Founded in 1992 as Trundley Design Services Ltd., our origins lie in design for the Food and Storage industries. Now, we provide an all-inclusive and multi-faceted service, spanning 3D Imagery, Structural Design, and wider design services for any industry, recently integrating vertically into residential projects as well.

Our team of Directors have built a wealth of experience and provide a committed service to all projects regardless of size. Embracing our 4 Core Principles: Time, Cost, Quality, and Care.


Our thriving construction company, Trundley Properties Ltd., is led by Ian & Ben Trundley and was established in 2015. Growing demand afforded us the opportunity to develop a cost conscious and quality driven construction services business to complement the Group’s core Architectural Design business.

New Homes

The collaboration between Trundley Design Services Ltd. and Trundley Properties Ltd. paved the way for us to complete our own New Home developments. Giving homeowners across the region the chance to purchase and occupy one of our well designed and constructed, energy efficient new homes. Our carefully selected developments range from individual bespoke new homes to multi dwelling sites, as well as conversions, extensions, and refurbishments. All of which benefit from the synergy between our expert design and construction teams.


We're raising £5,000 to support the 8:56 Foundation in their mission to promote men’s mental health awareness and remove the stigma associated with it.