Our History

The Trundley Group was born in 1992, with founder David Trundley establishing an architectural design practice named Trundley Design Services Ltd., to which he brought a wealth of experience gained from over 25 years in the industry. He was quickly followed by his son Ian, whose work at other practices provided valuable insight and contributed to significant business growth. Ian later became the Group’s Managing Director in 2009.

By 1998, the success of the business meant a fully functioning financial department needed to be established, enter Katherine Trundley. Katherine’s overarching influence on daily operations and her seamless entry into the business as the Group’s Financial Director meant Ian and David were free to explore new opportunities in the industry.

That brings us all the way to 2015, and the incorporation of Trundley Properties Ltd., a multi-skilled construction services business covering a variety of projects ranging from modest home extensions to multi-million-pound commercial properties. A year after incorporation, the construction business was joined by Ian and Katherine’s son Ben, adding a third generation of the Trundley family to the Group. Ben later became the Chief Operating Officer for Trundley Properties Ltd. and has since taken the business from strength to strength, completing over 200 projects for our clients.

The most recent family entry was Ben’s brother Jack Trundley, who since 2021 has taken on the responsibility of leading the Group’s price estimation and financial analysis. Ensuring that our clients get fair value for the services they need, and that the Group remains competitive in a widely saturated market.

All four of Ian, Katherine, Ben, and Jack continue to be the driving forces behind the growth and success of the Trundley Group. Along with our team of over 50 employees and sub-contractors, whose commitment and uptake of the family ethos helps bring our visions life. Together, we provide an ever-growing expert range of architectural design and construction services, whilst never losing sight of our 4 core principles: Cost, Quality, Time, and Care.

Meet the Family

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