Outdoor Decking Area, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Scope of Works: 120m2 outdoor decking area for food production client
Design Team: Ben Trundley & Malcolm Jenkinson
Completion Date: July 2023


In the spring of 2023, one of our clients approached us about installing an outside decking area at their food processing business. To serve as a place for their personnel to unwind during breaks and to enjoy the great summer weather in the open air.


We were able to determine the space’s size and discuss the cross-sectional composition of the decking area using the floorpans of their facility. Both the clients and our project management team participated in these discussions. Finally, we decided on an aluminium deck with an artificial grass finish. Our workmen installed the aluminium decking, along with the joists, fasteners, and feet, during the week they were on the job site. Next, they laid the artificial grass, using joining strips to secure the runs together. The installation of the furnishings completed this fantastic new space for our clients.


Even though this location is about two hours away from our offices, we were nevertheless able to complete the project on time and to the satisfaction of our clients, who now have a specially designed outside area for their personnel to use.