Warehouse Floor Replacement, Fakenham, Norfolk

Scope of Works: Concrete floor replacement
Project Management Team: Ben Trundley & Adam Figura
Completion Date: June 2023


We collaborated once more on this project with Ponders End Investments Plc, who had contacted us before with a new enquiry about the flooring at one of their facilities in Fakenham, Norfolk.


Their building had been a cold store in the past, so when it thawed out from its new function of holding stock at room temperature, cracks started to emerge in some of the concrete flooring. Therefore, we were instructed to remove any damaged flooring and replace it with fresh concrete that could support the weight of forklifts and other heavy equipment. Over 400m2 of flooring were rebuilt in total, reinforced with mesh and connected to the in-situ concrete with dowel bars.

There were some difficulties when working on this aspect of the project because we had to control dust and noise to adhere to UK laws. This was challenging when using floor saws and other heavy machinery. Additionally, we had to work with PEI to rearrange parts of their inventory so that we could access all of the necessary workspace.


Working with repeat customers is wonderful, and this project is a terrific illustration of how the client and the contractor can collaborate to produce a result that is desirable for everyone. We’re pleased with the work we completed for PEI in Fakenham, and our customers are delighted with their brand-new warehouse flooring.

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