Brushed Concrete Base, Snetterton, Norfolk

Scope of Works: Installation of a new concrete base for a commercial client
Project Management Team: Ben Trundley
Completion Date: July 2023


After visiting a returning client at their site in Snetterton, it became clear they desired a new external concrete base to support an outside fridge pack, used for their industrial unit.


This project was quite straight-forward in terms of complexity. The 150m2 area was excavated by our team on site, who then installed and compacted a crushed concrete sub base, which was subsequently covered with the poured concrete you can see at finish level. The area was divided into smaller sections using K Form, and the poured concrete was reinforced with A252 mesh. The perimeter was then sprinkled with gravel to add a final touch, and the concrete was completed with a brushed finish to prevent it from becoming a slip hazard. The final addition was the Armco barriers, used to protect the area from vehicles travelling around the site.


After just a week on site we were able to deliver our client exactly what they were looking for: a purpose built concrete base with the future requirements of their business in mind. Once the specialist fridges have been installed, we will be returning to site to install a protective fence.